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Marriage Counseling

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed (Proverbs 15:22). The purpose of God is that marriages should thrive and be for ever. We offer a faith based counseling program that is based on the word of God and a profile developed by Dr. Arno called the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.). The system does not measure behavior, it measures a person's inborn temperament or their inborn pre-disposition to the world around them. The model has a 93% success rate. This 93% figure is based on tens of thousands of testimonies over the past several decades. This system is able to identify the needs and how to meet those needs by each partner. Many relationships do not last today because needs are not being met by the couples and most times this is impossible if you do not know what your partner's needs are.

Family Counseling

Families are bombarded by so many challenges in the areas of finances, fidelity, health, commitment, alcohol, etc. There is help and you are not alone. Families can be given a second chance through identifying what the struggles are to bring about wholeness. Family systems are looked at closely to identify what roles they play. Restoration can be achieved by sitting down to navigate the areas where the love language is not spoken. The A.P.S. when administered to each partner and the child or children,  gives an opportunity to go deep into bringing about fulfillment in the life of the couple that fosters unity, love and intimacy in the family.

Career Counseling

Know your passion. Know what brings you joy and fulfillment. Many are looking for good careers and jobs, jobs that are trending or simply careers they have admired other people doing.  It is a different thing when you are able to discover what your inborn temperament succeeds at. There are situations where many work at jobs or have careers they hate and do not get satisfaction from. This affects their health, their marriage and ultimately their well being. We specialize in taking the client through the profile that will match their inborn temperament to the career that suits them.  

Premarital Counseling

A healthy marriage does not just happen, it takes having a strong foundation to make it last forever. Dr. Adossi is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Temperament Counselor.  Author of many books regarding the topic of marriage, e.g. "Before and After you say I do: Keys to a healthy marriage." and "Spiritual Growth: Conforming to the image of Christ and the effect on marriage relationship".  Pre-marital counseling gives both partners an opportunity to know each other better. For questions to be asked and answered and for expectations to be shared. During the sessions the couple is taken through what makes a marriage successful, the pitfalls in marriage and so much more. 

Temperament Therapy

This helps the individual to know if they are Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine, Phlegmatic or Supine. Through the sessions the individual gets to know what makes them who they are and react to situations around them the way they do. They are able to identify the positives in their lives and what areas to work on. Many come to find out they are not weird after all.

Youth Therapy

Teenagers and children go through developmental stages in their lives that is a result of their disposition.  Temperament Therapy helps to identify where they are at, what exactly is going on, where they need help and what type of help is needed.  Therapy helps to reveal their struggles if any and an appreciation of their inborn temperament. The goal at the end of the day is to find hope, health and healing.

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Be Blessed.

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